A brief history of the 25th Marines by Joseph B Ruth; United States. Marine Corps. History and

By Joseph B Ruth; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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The night of the third day was a repeat of the previous one with the Marines trying to stay warm in the cold dampness, without much success. The wet and the cold seemed to spur the activities of the enemy: about lOOjapanese soldiers tried ro infiltrate the lines of the 2d and 3d Battalions during the early 34 USMC Photo 142472 Marines flush out remaining Japanese hidden in Iwo's numerous caves. These Mannes have just morning hours. The alert Marines repulsed all at- thrown a grenade andare standing by u'ith rifles and BARs at the ready.

On 2 March, in an attempt to surprise the enemy, Colonel Lanigan led his regiment toward Turkey Knob without the usual artillery preparation fires. Ai 0630 elements of the ist Battalion attacked the 36 USMC Photo 110253 Marines strike a warlike pose amongst wrecked Jima. During the battle, the wreckage provided Japanese planes along the side of the airstrit' on Iwo cover and concealment for the advancing Marines. high ground north of Turkey Knob while the the 23d. The battle continued through Saturday and on into Sunday.

Because of the narrowness of the southern transports anchored in the unbelievably large natural harbor of Eniwetok. The war was coming closer and closer as the convoy headed to sea again. this time end of the island, the Japanese guns on Suribachi could defend either beach. Additionally, both beaches are surrounded by commanding ground, a towards the Saipan-Tinian area. Arriving in the Marianas, a last dress rehearsal was executed from choppy seas onto the western beaches of Tinian on fact not lost to the enemy.

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