A Bifurcation Theory for Three-Dimensional Oblique by Groves M.D., Haragus M.

By Groves M.D., Haragus M.

This text provides a rigorous lifestyles concept for small-amplitude threedimensional vacationing water waves. The hydrodynamic challenge is formulated as an infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian approach within which an arbitrary horizontal spatial course is the timelike variable. Wave motions which are periodic in a moment, assorted horizontal path are detected utilizing a centre-manifold relief strategy in which the matter is decreased to a in the neighborhood similar Hamiltonian procedure with a finite variety of levels of freedom.

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The following result is obtained by applying the Weinstein-Moser theorem to the reduced Hamiltonian system and to its further reduction by the symmetry S2 ; in the latter case we recover the result given by Groves [10, Theorem 5] with the nonresonance condition removed. Theorem 5. Suppose that θ1 = ±π /2 and θ2 = 0. (i) Suppose that (β0 , α0 ) lies below the line C1 , to the left of C j and to the right of C j+1 for some j ∈ N. The reduced equations on the centre manifold have 2 j geometrically distinct periodic orbits on the energy surface { H˜ 0 = } for each sufficiently small value of > 0, and j of these orbits are invariant under S2 .

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