7 Habits of hightly Succesful Trader by Crisp M

By Crisp M

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As Stacey led me down the stairs it seemed — for just an instant — that everyone stopped talking, that the entire room paused. But I decided it was my imagination. The room was as noisy as ever when I reached the bottom of the steps. I looked for Logan. Before I found him, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and there he was. "Hey," he said, giving me his wide, warm grin. " "Great," I replied. " A phone on the wall nearby began to ring. " yelled Stacey from across the room. I picked up the receiver.

I don't think so. " "It's on at eight. " "So? " "I'm going to baby-sit for Jackie Rodowsky tomorrow. The last time I sat for him, he fell out of a tree, fell down the front steps, and fell off the bed. " Logan laughed. "That kid should wear a crash helmet," he joked. "And carry a first-aid kit," I added. There was a pause. I had no idea how to fill the silence. Why did this always happen with Logan? There were hardly any pauses when I talked to the members of the Babysitters Club. I knew I was blushing and was glad Logan couldn't see me.

The song was finished. Austin had paused in his pretzel-throwing. Alan was staring at me with his blind M&M eyes. Pete had stopped in the middle of a dunk, and the soggy potato chip had fallen into his Coke. Claudia, Dori, and Emily were standing in an expectant bunch, a safe distance from Alan, their eyes on me. All the guests were waiting for me to react, to blow out the candles, to cry, or something. It was a nightmare. It was like one of those dreams in which you go to school naked, or study and study for an important test and then sleep through your alarm clock and miss it.

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